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International Atheist Convention 2015

Give peace a chance

Secularization and global conflicts

May 22-24, 2015

Comedia Theater Cologne, Vondelstraße 4-8


Confirmed speakers:

In cooperation with Atheist Alliance International (AAI)  Atheist Alliance International

On Saturday, May 23 the IBKA award 'Sapio' will be given to singer, songwriter, and evolution biologist Greg Graffin.

AAI launches appeal to support Alex Aan

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) demands that the Indonesian government support freedom of speech and freedom of conscience by immediately releasing Alexander Aan from custody and dropping all charges against him, pursuing the perpetrators of the physical attack against Aan and repealing the country’s oppressive anti-blasphemy legislation.

Read the full AAI press release. (25-Jan-2012)

Update: Alexander Aan was sentenced to two years and six months in prison. Atheist Alliance International condemns jail sentence for Alexander Aan (AAI press release from 14-Jun-2012)

2012 European Atheist Convention

The Atheist Perspective and our future: National, Regional, Global 25 - 27 May, 2012. Cologne, Germany

The convention was a great success! Read The Atheist Perspective is Fun! by Tanya Smith.

Follow-up convention: International Atheist Convention Cologne 2015

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European Atheist Conference 2011 in Dublin

Hosted by Atheist Ireland and Atheist Alliance International

Dublin Declaration on Secularism and the Place of Religion in Public Life (Atheist Ireland)

AAI North American Convention 2010

Atheists without Borders

Montréal, October 2010

Summary of Proceedings

International atheist conference in Copenhagen 2010

Gods & Politics

Co-organized by: Ateistisk Selskab (Danish Atheist Society) and Atheist Alliance International

Copenhagen Declaration on Religion in Public Life

The recent Gods and Politics conference in Copenhagen adopted the following Declaration on Religion in Public Life. The conference was the first European event of Atheist Alliance International, and was co-hosted by AAI and the Danish Atheist Society.

German bus campaign


Tour busIBKA supported the secular advertising campaign in Germany.

Since almost all local transport authorities refused to accept the ad on their buses, the campaign conducted a bus tour through Germany from May 30 to June 18, 2009.

AAI Calls for Obama to Turn Down BSA Presidency

AAI Press Release, January 15, 2009

Atheist Alliance International has joined other national atheist, humanist, freethought and secular organization leaders to call on President-Elect Barack Obama to decline the role of honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America because of its discriminatory policies of excluding atheist and gay youths and adults from participating in its organization.