2012 European Atheist Convention – Schedule

Friday, May 25

1pm Arrival of attendees, start of registration

4pm Opening session

René Hartmann: Welcome Tanya Smith: Why we are here

4:30pm PZ Myers

Why are we talking about science at atheist conferences?

5:15pm Philipp Möller

Religiös bedingte Konflikte unter Grundschulkindern in sozialen Brennpunkten Religion-based conflicts among primary school children in deprived areas 6pm Dinner

7:30pm Colin Goldner

Tibetan Buddhism

8:15pm Dan Barker

Losing faith in faith 9pm Close

Saturday, May 26

9am Lukas Mihr

"Without god everything is permitted?"

9:45am Rolf Bergmeier

Armes Europa – Wie die christliche Staatskirche das mittelalterliche Europa arm machte Poor Europe – how the medieval state church made Europe poor 10:30am Coffee break

11am Gunnar Schedel/Michael Nugent

Gunnar Schedel: Das offene Wort und seine Feinde. Religionskritik im 21. Jahrhundert The open word and its enemies. Criticism of religion in the 21th century Michael Nugent: Blasphemy laws 12:30pm Lunch break

2pm Paul Schulz

Presentation of the atheist encyclopedia „ATHEODOC“

2:20pm Joachim Kahl

Atheism in art 3:05pm Greeting

3:20pm Annie Laurie Gaylor

God fixation will fix no nation 4:05pm Coffee break 4:35pm Greeting

4:50pm Taslima Nasrin

Woman born in a Muslim family became an atheist and feminist: A difficult life

5:35pm Michael Schmidt-Salomon

Willkommen in der Matrix – auch Dummheit will gelernt sein Welcome in the matrix – stupidity needs to be learned too

6:20pm Dinner

8pm Sapio award ceremony (separate event)

The Sapio 2012 award goes to the German bus campaign. Evelin Frerk, Peder Iblher, Philipp Möller und Carsten Frerk will receive the award on behalf of the campaign team. The entrance fee is 12 Euro, reduced 9 Euro. 11pm Close

Sunday, May 27

9:30am Ingrid Matthäus-Maier

Presentation of the campaign „GerDiA“ – Against religious discrimination at the workplace

10am Leo Igwe

Atheism and human rights in Africa

10:45am Valentin Abgottspon

(Vati-)Kanton Wallis: wie der Einsatz für Laizität zu einer fristlosen Entlassung an einer staatlichen Schule führen kann (Vati-)canton Wallis: how commitment to laicity can lead to instant dismissal from a state school

11:30am Rebecca Watson

The religious right's war on women

12:15pm Carsten Frerk

Finances and organisation of religions in Europe

1pm Closing session

1:15pm Lunch 2:30pm Close