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Give Peace a chance: Does this include the right to refuse to obey military orders?

Claude Singer

Claude Singer

Saturday, May 23, 2015 9:15am

Since many years, the French Freethought, with other associations lead a national campaign to rehabilitate "shot as an example" during the First World War. Their number in France is difficult to estimate, but historians (and even the ministry recently) put the number around  650 ... This is not a fight just to commemorate. It is whether the rejection of war is (or is not) a Human Right. Freethought is in favor of absolute freedom of conscience. It therefore fully this fight in its overall action.

Claude Singer is a French freethinker, a member of the board of FNLP (French Freethought Federation, member of International Association of Freethought [IAFT]). He is also editor of the quarterly magazine, "l'Idée Libre".