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Islam and global conflicts – views from egyptian atheists

Ismail Mohamed and Thaer Abdelaal

Ismail Mohamed and Thaer Abdelaal

Friday, May 22, 2015 5:50pm

Ismail Mohamed and Thaer Abdelaal are atheists from Egypt, but grown up and socialized as Muslims. They will speak about how come that they became atheists and also about the situation of atheists in Egypt and in other North African Muslim countries: about their activities (the youtube-channel THE BLACK DUCKS), the atheist movement and the difficulties which atheists in non-secular societies have, in general and currently. According to that big distinction depending on secularism their experiences with Islam are completely different from those in Europe.

And also ideas and ways to live with or among a religion-determined system are disparate. For them Islam is no religion but an ideology and effectively incompatible with Enlightenment and a society which is based on humanism. So consequently they concern to Europeans not to underestimate the danger within Islam and Islamism in Europe.