Two Masterpieces of World Art

Joachim Kahl

Saturday, May 23, 2015 11:35am

Philosophical Thoughts on Two Masterpieces of World Art. Titian’s "Venus with a Mirror" (1555) and Frida Kahlo’s "The Broken Column" (1944) illustrate aspects of a secular-humanistic conception of the human being. Dr. Dr. Joachim Kahl, born 1941 at Cologne, free philosopher. Most popular book: "Das Elend des Christentums oder Plädoyer für eine Humanität ohne Gott" ("The Misery of Christianity or a Plea for Humanity without God"); 1968, translations into English, Japanese, Dutch, Italian. Most recently: Weltlicher Humanismus. Eine Philosophie für unsere Zeit (Secular Humanism: A philosophy for our time), LIT-Verlag, 5th edition 2011. More can be found on his website.