International Atheist Convention 2015

Convention 2015

Give peace a chance

Secularization and global conflicts

May 22-24, 2015

Comedia Theater Cologne, Vondelstr. 4-8

The world is changing rapidly. Atheists and secularists more and more dare to raise their voice and to have the courage of their convictions – even in countries where this seemed to be almost unthinkable until recently. At the same time fundamentalist violence and intolerance have reached new and saddening heights.

At this international atheist convention we want to come together in order to listen to each other and to share experiences and insights from different countries and regions.

The situation of atheists and secularists differs greatly from country to country. What unites them is the desire for freedom from religious paternalism and for a world in which not weapons but the better arguments decide.


In cooperation with Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Atheist Alliance International

and the Giordano Bruno Foundation                                               Giordano-Bruno-Stiftung

On Saturday, May 23 the IBKA award 'Sapio' will be given to singer, songwriter, and evolution biologist Greg Graffin.


About three quarters of the speeches will be in English. The remaining will be in German, but we provide simultaneous translation.

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