To join IBKA, print out the membership application form, fill it in and send it in by mail.

IBKA members receive the newsletter and the quartarly magazine MIZ

If you understand German, you can use the online application form.

Membership fee

Except under special circumstances, a member of IBKA pays:

  1. the minimum fee of 50 euro,
  2. the regular fee of 75 euro,
  3. the supporting fee of 100 euro, or
  4. an individual fee of his/her own choice, at least the mininum fee.

It is possible to pay a reduced fee of 25 euro: (1) for members of organizations that are corporate members of IBKA, and for members of friendly organizations with the same objectives; (2) for spouses and partners of members paying the full contribution; (3) for people with low income. Donations are tax-deductible in Germany.