Supporting Social Projects

To live a self-determined life is one of the central aims of non-religious an atheists. But it takes a material foundation, sufficient educational and cultural background, and sometimes different kinds of support. That is why the IBKA sponsors social projects in Germany and abroad that are not being based on religion.

For example: India
The Atheist Centre is situated in Vijayawada, South India. It combines several medical and social projects. It supports mostly women and people who suffer from caste barriers.
For example: Turkey
In Çatalca near Istanbul, the atheist writer Aziz Nesin has founded an organization that provides school and professional training for children without religious influence.

Social Services - without religion

The International League of Non-Religious and Atheists (IBKA e.V.) wishes that all human beings are able to live a self-determined life. Therefore it promotes projects around the world that contribute to the creation of the necessary conditions. At this point of time there are three institutions that the IBKA is specially lending aid to.

Atheist Centre, Vijayawada

In 1940 the Indian philosopher Gora and his wife Saraswathi Gora founded the Atheist Centre as an institution for a social change. Secular social work was meant to be the appropriate medium to develop the aim of a humanitarian oriented lifestyle. For that purpose social and psychological advice is offered, used mainly to by those who seriously suffer from the barriers of caste and religion in India's traditional society.

The abolition of caste differences and "untouchability" is another focus of activity just like programs for education, enlightment, and scientific, rational thinking - the belief in miracles is still widespread in India.

Equally important is it to pass on knowledge about health, sexuality, and birth control. The Atheist Centre organizes touring exhibitions and edits printed material in order to fulfill this task.

Practical aid is given through rural development programs. More that 150 villages get benefit from this work. Again the improvement of the social situation of women and other deprived persons is focussed here.

Furthermore certain single activities take place, sponsored by donations. For instance polio stricken children can have operations that enable them to walk again.

Aziz Nesin Foundation, Çatalca

In 1972 the Aziz Nesin Foundation was brought into being by the atheist Turkish writer Aziz Nesin in order to enable children in need of to get a proper personal and professional education.

At this point of time the foundation, which has its headquarters in Çatalca, Istanbul, takes care of 34 children; the younger ones living on the site of the Foundation visiting public schools, while while the older ones live in apartments rented by the Foundation, and study at the University. The principles of education were explained by Aziz Nesin in his book The fear of fear. The focal point is that every human being should be able to take responsibility for her-/himself and that freedom is the basic precondition to achieve this goal. It is planned to establish a elementary school by the Foundation, and besides, a Museum is envisioned to take care of Aziz Nesin's life's work. At this time the foundation is by and by publishing the posthumous work of Aziz Nesin. The money that comes out of his printed work is, by the way, covering most of the costs of the Foundation.